In this FAQ section of the MP3FY Guide, we will try to answer as many questions as we can on the most commonly asked questions.


What is MP3FY?

MP3FY is a free online MP3 conversion service.

Is MP3FY safe?

MP3FY is 100% safe and publishes certified Google Adsense Ads, ensuring safety at all times.

How does MP3FY work?

Powered by thousands of clusters of dedicated servers, MP3FY ensures all conversion requests are processed and served almost instantly to the users at all times to provide a seamless experience.

What formats does MP3FY support?

MP3FY can ingest any audio format and convert it to MP3 with standard output settings.

What bitrate does MP3FY convert to?

Unlike other services we don’t claim to convert at 320kbps, as that would be meaningless if the original source was of lower bitrate. Having said that, our service always chooses the maximum possible bitrate from the source.

Can I convert a playlist using MP3FY?

As of now we don’t yet support full playlist conversion. You’ll have to convert each video individually.

Can I convert videos longer than 2 hours?

MP3FY doesn’t have any length or size restrictions, you can convert videos as long as you want.

How do I support MP3FY?

You can donate to us how much ever you wish. And if that’s not an option thats available, you could always help us out by spreading the word about on various social networks.

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